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Kısaca diyorlar ki;bu dünyada ki o şatafatlı hayatını,eşyalarını öbür tarafa götüremeyeceksin... 


No You Can’t Take It with You When You Go
Oh No You Can’t Take It with You When You Go
Can’t Understand Why You Keep Holding On
Just Cos You Can’t Take It With you, No You Can’t Take It with You
Yes, You Can’t Take It with You When You Go,
Oh When You Go 

I See You Pride Yourself In Your New Car
Chatting On Your Compact Nokia
And You Love Your Expensive Clothes
But You Can’t Take It With You When You Go,
Oh When You Go

No You Can’t Take Your Big Screen TV
Nor your Variety Of DVDs
No You Can’t Take You Designer Shoes
Everything You Have, You Gonna Lose

Cos there’s One Thing That Matters, When You Walking Down That Street
Is the Good and Bad You Sent Forth, In Your Book of Deeds
So Make Sure That You’re Ready, To Receive It in Your Right Hand
And Take Your Place among the Righteous Of Man  


You plan to be richer,you stash to be bigger.
But man get the picture, you can’t take it with ya.
Your cell phones, head phones, flat screens, ring tones, 
Big homes, gemstones, power from big loans, collections of new shoes, 
Connections of Bluetooth, vacations where you cruise the young ones go OOH!
You go shop for robots or gold watch or what not. 
Your CDs of hip hop, your lap tops. Just STOP! & let go.
When you die say bye-bye. What is best is inside.
Fill the scale up with deeds so you best when you part,
Put the wealth in your hand; take it out of your heart.
Give thanks for the wealth that your Lord will bestow.

But no! That you can’t take it with you when you go. 

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