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  1. Animal Farm | Chapter 9 | EE Show with AJ2018/05/19

    Learn English with AJ Hoge and the Effortless English Show. Continuing our book club, today's lesson is Chapter 9 of "Animal Farm". Life gets even worse for the animals as Napoleon and the pigs get stronger. A great hero suffers and dies. The lies and propaganda continue, and only Benjamin the donkey sees the truth. The story of Animal Farm is almost finished.
  2. Animal Farm | Chapter 8 | with AJ Hoge2018/05/09

    Learn English with AJ Hoge and his book club. Today's lesson is Animal Farm | Chapter 8. Life continues to get worse for all of the animals, except the pigs and dogs. Napoleon and the pigs get more powerful. Finally, there is another major battle on the farm!
  3. Animal Farm | Chapter 7 | Effortless English Show2018/04/15

    https://EffortlessEnglishClub.com The Effortless English Book Club continues. AJ teaches you chapter 7 of George Orwell's classic book. In this chapter, Napoleon uses his power to brutally terrify the animals. Mass executions. Continued lies and propaganda. Public confessions of thought crimes. Re-writing of history. Paranoia. The inevitable end state of Marxism has arrived.
  4. Animal Farm | Chapter 6 | EE Book Club2018/04/07

    https://EffortlessEnglishClub.com The animals' revolution continues. Life gets harder for the animals as Napoleon changes more rules. The animals begin work on the windmill and a disaster strikes. More techniques of propaganda and control are revealed by Orwell. AJ summarizes the story of Chapter 6 and discusses the meaning.
  5. Animal Farm | Chapter 5 | Effortless English Book Club Show2018/03/29

    EffortlessEnglishClub.com Book Club Lessons | Learn the story and vocabulary from George Orwell's Animal Farm. In this chapter, there is conflict within Animal Farm. Napoleon and Snowball struggle to become the top leader. Napoleon reveals his dark plan. The dream of the revolution dies. Tyranny and totalitarianism begin. Learn more with AJ.
  6. Animal Farm | Chapter 4 | Book Club Lesson2018/03/25

    Effortless English Book Club Lesson | Animal Farm by George Orwell | Chapter 4. AJ teaches you the story, some vocabulary, and the deeper meaning of this chapter. The animals of the farm try to export their revolution. They also have a big and important battle. Snowball the pig becomes a hero, as does Boxer. What does it all mean?
  7. Animal Farm | Chapter 3 | Effortless English Show2018/03/12
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  8. Animal Farm | Chapter 2 | EE Book Club2018/03/01

    https://EffortlessEnglishClub.com/7rules Learn English with literature. Join the free Effortless English Book Club! Our first book is "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. In this Show, AJ teaches you Chapter 2. In this chapter, we are introduced to the two most important characters: Snowball and Napoleon.
  9. Animal Farm | Chapter 1 | EE Book Club2018/02/22

    Learn English through literature with the Effortless English Book Club! Together we read and study an important book of the English language. Our first book is "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. In this Show, AJ discusses Chapter 1. We learn some of the major characters and major messages of the book. Join with us. Get a copy of "Animal Farm" and read Chapter 1!
  10. Training Pronunciation2018/01/25

    Pronunciation is, in many ways, a physical skill. You must train the muscles of your face, mouth, and neck to work correctly. The best way to do this is to train like an athlete or a musician. In this Effortless English Show, AJ tells you how!
  11. Increase Your Speaking Confidence with Proper Focus2017/12/22

    EffortlessEnglishClub.com Increase your English speaking confidence. Your mindset and psychology will determine your success. While your method of learning English is important, your psychology is much more important.
  12. English Obsession and Love2017/05/24

    English obsession and love are the keys to super fast speaking improvement. Most learners want to improve their English quickly. Everyone wants rapid improvement. https://effortlessenglishclub.com/english-obsession-love
  13. Maximum Intensity English2017/05/18

    https://effortlessenglishclub.com/maximum-intensity-english Maximum English Improvement through maximum intensity English.
  14. Jiu Jitsu English2017/04/24

    EffortlessEnglishClub.com AJ returns to the Effortless English Show and talks about his new hobby: Jiu Jitsu. How is Jiu Jitsu connected to English learning?
  15. Spoken English Grammar Mastery2017/04/14

    Spoken English grammar must learned in a special way. Studying grammar rules will not help you. Grammar books will not help you. https://effortlessenglishclub.com/spoken-english-grammar-mastery
  16. Mini Story Power | with Steve Kaufman2017/04/12

    Mini Stories are powerful for learning English. AJ interviews Steve Kaufman, who speaks 16 languages. https://EffortlessEnglishClub.com
  17. Power of Reading Great Books2017/04/11

    The power of reading great books will change your life. You can learn anything. You can do almost anything. You can solve any problem. https://effortlessenglishclub.com/power-reading-great-books
  18. Social Skills Education2017/04/08

    Social skills determine how much money you will make. Social skills determine your influence. EffortlessEnglishClub.com
  19. Extended Childhood Dangers2017/04/06

    Childhood has been extended everywhere in the world. In the 1800s and before, people became adults around the age of 14. Now, it is common for people to still be "kids" in their 20s and beyond. https://effortlessenglishclub.com/extended-childhood-dangers
  20. 14 Secrets To Elite Education2017/04/05

    14 Secrets To Elite Education with John Taylor Gatto and AJ Hoge. To be in the top .1% you need an elite education. How do you create an elite education if you are not super rich? Learn how in this Effortless English Show. https://effortlessenglishclub.com/14-secrets-elite-education
  21. Join the .1%2017/04/03

    You can join the .1% of English speakers! You can be one of the top English speakers in the world. How do you do it? AJ Hoge teaches you the way of the .1% in this Effortless English Show. https://effortlessenglishclub.com/join-the-1
  22. How To Win2017/04/01

    How to win at life. Strategies to help you be successful , win, and live your dream life. AJ teaches you how to prepare for the future and how to be more competitive in work and life. He discusses future trends. He tells you how to prepare for them. https://effortlessenglishclub.com/how-to-win
  23. Best Education2017/03/30

    The best education is active. The best education is self education. The best learning happens outside of school. What should you study as an independent learner? What are the most important subjects? What the are best books that you must read? How exactly do you design your own education? https://effortlessenglishclub.com/best-education
  24. True Education | Louis L'amour2017/03/29

    True education is available to anyone. We live in a golden age for independent self education. Learn how to create your own amazing education in this Effortless English Show. https://effortlessenglishclub.com/true-education-louis-lamour
  25. Silenced Movie Review2017/03/28

    Silenced is a movie about censorship and free speech in America. AJ teaches you vocabulary from the movie. https://effortlessenglishclub.com/silenced-movie-review
  26. Never Quit English2017/03/27

    Never quit English! A never quit attitude is perhaps the number one secret to success with English and with all important goals. Quitting is the cause of failure. Develop a never quit mindset by facing tough challenges in life. https://effortlessenglishclub.com/never-quit-english
  27. Importance of English2017/03/26

    Importance of English: Money, jobs, career, international travel, international influence, international friends, international study abroad. English is the language of business and money. English is the language of travel and tourism. English is the language of science and academics. Do not forget the real world importance of English.
  28. Best Way To Learn English2017/03/25

    The best way to learn English. The fastest way to learn English. How to get the best results.
  29. Schools Are Lying2017/03/23

    Schools are lying! Are you frustrated with English? With life? Do you fail to get the success you want? Do you have problems with your English and your life? You probably learned a big lie in school that is preventing your success! Find the solution in this Effortless English Show! English Courses at: EffortlessEnglishClub.com
  30. Nerd Meaning2017/03/22

    Nerd meaning: an overly intellectual person who is lacking social skills. Also: geek. Nerd and Geek culture is the topic for this Effortless English Show!! English Courses at: EffortlessEnglishClub.com
  31. You Gotta Have Faith2017/03/21

    To succeed with English, you must have faith. You must have faith in yourself that you will succeed. You must have faith in the method. Build your confidence and succeed with English! EffortlessEnglishClub.com
  32. The Red Pill Meaning2017/03/20

    "The red pill" is slang. This slang comes from the movie The Matrix. In this Show, AJ teaches you English from the movie. He also discusses how we use this slang in different situations. Effortless English Courses at: EffortlessEnglishClub.com
  33. Schooling is not Education2017/03/18

    Schooling is not education! AJ presents an interview with New York Teacher of The Year John Taylor Gatto. Learn new vocabulary. Learn the difference between schooling and true education. Free Text: https://EffortlessEnglishClub.com/john-taylor-gatto-schooling-not-education
  34. Live Your Dream Life Now2017/03/17

    Live your dream life now. Do you dream of speaking English powerfully? Do you dream of making more money? Do you dream of an exciting life? Do you dream of love? Do you dream of meaningful work? Do you dream of respect? Of course you do. Free text at: https://effortlessenglishclub.com/live-dream-life-now
  35. Learn Real English Conversations with My Mom2017/03/16

    Learn real English conversations today. Here is a real conversation about the weather, between AJ Hoge and his Mom. You learn an idiom in the conversation. Free Text at: https://effortlessenglishclub.com/learn-real-english-conversations
  36. Speak English with Movies2017/03/15

    Speak English with Movies. In this Effortless English Show, AJ tells you how to use movies to speak English more confidently. Movies can be the key to your English success. Free text at: https://effortlessenglishclub.com/speak-english-with-movies
  37. Learn English with Mark Sisson2017/03/14
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  38. Don't Compare Yourself to Others | English with Tom Shillue2017/03/12

    Free Text at: https://EffortlessEnglishClub.com/dont-compare-others-english-tom-shillue Learn English with Tom Shillue.
  39. How to Create Genius2017/03/11

    https://effortlessenglishclub.com/how-to-create-genius Free Text Transcripts on the Effortless English Club blog!
  40. Learn English with Anthony Cumia2017/03/10

    Free Text at: https://EffortlessEnglishClub.com/learn-english-anthony-cumia-gavin-mcinnis
  41. Learn English with Elliot Hulse and Stefan Molyneux2017/03/09

    https://EffortlessEnglishClub.com/learn-english-elliot-hulse-stefan-molyneux Get the FREE text transcript of this show.
  42. Learn English with Dave Rubin and Dr Haidt2017/03/08

    Free Text Transcript at: https://effortlessenglishclub.com/learn-english-dave-rubin-dr-haidt
  43. Schools War On Free Speech | Jordan Peterson2017/03/07

    Free Text Transcript at: https://effortlessenglishclub.com/schools-war-free-speech-jordan-peterson
  44. Learn English with Arnold Schwarzenegger2017/03/06

    Free Text Guide (Transcript) for this show at: https://EffortlessEnglishClub.com/learn-english-arnold-schwarzenegger
  45. Parents Teach Your Children2017/03/04

    In this show, AJ tells you the hard truth about schools and why you are the very best teacher for your children. Parents teach your children. Teach them English. Teach them everything. You and only you can teach them best!
  46. How To Teach Children English2017/03/04
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  47. Motivation for Studying English2017/02/26

    Increase your motivation to study English. Many students complain that they are bored with English. They are tired and don't want to study every day. They ask how they can increase their motivation for English.

    For a free transcript of this audio, please visit http://effortlessenglishclub.com/blog-andvideo-podcast.
  48. History of English Language | 1066 2017/02/25
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  49. Body Language | Non Verbal Communication2016/11/12
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  50. Independent Learners Masters of Life2016/11/10

    School does not equal education. You will never learn to be successful in school. To achieve success and happiness, you must become the master of your own education. Only you can do this, no one can do it for you. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit http://effortlessenglishclub.com/blog-and-video-podcast .
  51. Public Speaking English | Audience Mindset and Fear2016/11/10
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  52. College is for Children2016/11/10
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  53. Gap Year | Sabbatical2016/11/10

    Gap years will change your life. Escape from the "rat race". Take a risk. Live your dreams. In this Effortless English Show, AJ encourages you to challenge yourself. He talks about taking sabbaticals in order to learn new skills, travel the world, start a business, or volunteer. For a free transcript of this audio, please visit http://effortlessenglishclub.com/blog-and-video-podcast.
  54. Good Career Good Life2016/11/10
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  55. Schools War on Boys2016/11/10
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  56. English Job Interviews | Two Magic Words2016/11/10
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  57. English Job Interviews | Best Answer to Questions2016/11/10
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  58. Public Speaking Video Practice2016/11/10
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  59. Mainstream Media | Prison Planet | Part 12016/11/10
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  60. Improve English Writing | Simplify2016/11/10
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  61. Juicing Power | Mike Cernovich2016/11/10
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  62. The End of School | Zachary Slayback2016/11/10
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  63. The Effortless English Revolution2016/11/10
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  64. Answering Pronunciation Course Questions2016/11/10

    Your Effortless English Pronunciation Course questions answered by AJ. AJ reviews the most important points about pronunciation and then answers your questions. Recorded LIVE! For a free transcript of this audio, please visit http://effortlessenglishclub.com/blog-and-video-podcast.
  65. Pronunciation Training Techniques2016/10/12

    http://effortlessenglishclub.com/pronunciation-training-techniques Two powerful pronunciation techniques!
  66. American Pronunciation Ear Training2016/10/12

    http://effortlessenglishclub.com/american-accent-ear-training Train your ears in order to improve your English pronunciation!
  67. Real English Learning | The Effortless English Show2016/07/29
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  68. Independent English Learning | The Effortless English Show2016/07/21
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  69. Play Acting for Better Pronunciation2016/07/14
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  70. Attitude of Gratitude2016/04/30
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  71. Learn English Over 502015/10/24

    Learn English Over 50 Years Of Age . Can you learn to speak English fluently when you are 50 years old or older? Is it possible to learn quickly over 50?

    The short answer is Yes! In fact, in this podcast, AJ says that learners over 50 have many advantages!
  72. Kenny Peavy2015/10/01
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  73. Decisions Change Your Life2015/04/20

    Decisions are the key to changing your life completely. Decisions are power. One decision can transform your life. Which decisions will help you achieve success with English speaking? How do you make great decisions to get the results you want? Why are decisions so powerful? In this Effortless English Show, AJ teaches you the power of decisions!
  74. Great Teachers and Tutors2015/04/14

    How do you find a great English teacher, tutor, or school? How do you find a great English conversation partner? What kind of person will help you succeed? In this Effortless English Show, AJ tells you how to shop for a great teacher. He discusses the most important qualities of a tutor and how to choose the very best one for you.
  75. Boldly Go and Learn2015/03/13

    Boldly Go Forward as you learn English and improve your communication. The most powerful "secret" to learning English is how to change your attitude. In this Show, AJ shares the secret of his most successful students and tells you how to do exactly what they do.
  76. Danger, Fear, and Initiative2015/03/06

    AJ talks about your fear of being judged and how it can cause problems with your English fluency . He begins with a dangerous and scary story about his first trip to India.
  77. Unexpected Challenges2015/02/21

    In English learning, you are going to encounter unexpected challenges. This is the case even when you use the Effortless English system. When these problems arise, how do you solve them? How can you continue moving forward? AJ Hoge tells you how.
  78. Flexibility and Fun2015/02/17

    In this Show, AJ Hoge tells you how to be more effective in your daily English studies.
  79. Correcting Your Errors2015/02/11

    How can you improve your English errors? What's the worst thing that you must avoid? What are the best ways to improve spoken grammar correctness and pronunciation? AJ teaches you all of this and more in this Effortless English Show .
  80. Audiobooks and Books2015/01/27

    English textbooks are boring. We all agree. So what should you read and how– in order to improve your vocabulary, speaking, and pronunciation faster? In this video, AJ Hoge tells you which books to read and how to use audiobooks for the fastest improvement.
  81. Sacrifice, Risk, and Success2014/10/15

    A.J. Hoge, host of The Effortless English Show, discussed the necessity of sacrifice and risk in order to achieve success with English or anything else in life.
  82. How To Learn Effortlessly2014/09/29

    How do you learn effortlessly? How can you train to speak English effortlessly? What does "effortless" mean exactly? A.J. discusses effortless effort and how to achieve it.
  83. Learning Momentum and Inertia2014/09/22

    How do you guarantee constant and never-ending improvement of your English? What should you do when you get too busy to study English? How do you ensure faster progress? AJ answers these question and more in the latest Effortless English Show. AJ Hoge is the author of “Effortless English: Learn To Speak Like A Native”.
  84. Choosing An English School or Class2014/08/24

    How to choose an English class or school in your hometown. What is the purpose of an English school? What should you look for when choosing an English class? Do you need to attend a class at all? AJ gives you advice for choosing the best possible class.
  85. Low Motivation Solution2014/08/21

    Have you ever lost your motivation to study English? What should you do when you don't want to study? AJ discusses the solution to recovering your motivation for English.
  86. Fear Of Mistakes2014/08/16

    What causes nervousness when speaking? The main cause is the fear of mistakes. The fear of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation mistakes paralyzes many English speakers. AJ talks about this fear and its root cause.
  87. English Frustrations and Challenges2014/07/07

    What can you do if you lose your motivation for learning English? How can you handle frustrations with your learning? In this episode, AJ discusses methods for staying motivated and handling the doubts and difficulties that come with English.
  88. Dating and Friendships with Americans2014/06/23

    How do you make friends with Americans and other English speakers? What’s it like to date someone who speaks another language? How will friendships improve your speaking, including your pronunciation? What must you focus on when you talk to native speakers? AJ talks with Gabby and Lindsay, from All Ears English, about these topics and more on this week’s Effortless English Show!
  89. How To Create Confidence2014/06/08

    How do you create confidence when speaking English? How do you overcome fear and nervousness? AJ talks about the mental and physical aspects of fear and how to handle them. He discusses how to train yourself to speak more confidently.
  90. The Silent Period and Listening2014/06/01

    Why should you avoid speaking English for several months? What are the advantages of a “silent period”? How long should you focus on just listening? Listening is the key to English speaking mastery. AJ discusses listening and the “silent period” with David Long of Automatic Language Growth on this week’s Effortless English Show!
  91. Using Stories To Learn English2014/05/26

    Why you must use stories to learn English. AJ discusses learning with stories with Blaine Ray, creator of the TPRS method.
  92. English Public Speaking2014/05/18

    How can you give great speeches? What are the secrets to great presentations? Why is public speaking important for your career? Public speaking is tough for most people. It is especially difficult when English is not your native language. AJ discusses the importance of public speaking and how to be a great speaker!
  93. Vocabulary: Active and Passive and Learning Faster2014/05/11

    How do you learn vocabulary faster and remember it longer? What is the difference between active vocabulary and passive vocabulary and why is it important? Why are emotions and context vital for learning vocabulary? AJ answers these questions and more in this episode of The Effortless English Show.
  94. Secrets To Effortless Language Learning2014/05/05

    What is the number one secret to effortless language learning? AJ and Steve Kaufman discuss.
  95. Improve English Writing and Reading2014/04/27

    How to improve your English writing? How to be a better reader? AJ discusses these topics with author Teresa Snyder. He also answers your questions.
  96. Idioms, Slang, Pronunciation and Real English2014/04/20

    Real English, idioms, slang and USA culture are the topics AJ discusses with guest Kristin Dodds of http://LearnRealEnglish.com on today’s Effortless English Show! Kristin is a co-founder of Learn Real English, which teaches the everyday English conversation not taught in textbooks and schools. AJ and Kristin also discuss the connection between culture, idioms and slang.
  97. Episode 12: Mistakes When Speaking, Guest: Georgiana2014/04/06

    AJ and VIP member Georgiana discuss making mistakes when speaking English and how to communicate powerfully. Video: http://effortlessenglishclub.com/mistakes-improvement-the-effortless-english-show-guest-georgiana

  98. The Effortless English Show, Episode 112014/03/30
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  99. The Effortless English Show, Birthday Episode 102014/03/23

    The Effortless English Show with AJ Hoge. In this special birthday episode, AJ discusses gratitude and how it creates abundance in our lives. Watch the video recording here: http://effortlessenglishclub.com/the-effortless-english-show-birthday-episode
  100. VIP Webinar Recording: No Worries2014/03/21

    Recording of monthly VIP webinar call. Topic: No Worries!

  101. The Effortless English Show, Episode 92014/03/08

    AJ talks about English speaking in nervous situations, the power of reading, and how to learn and use American idioms. Video available here: http://effortlessenglishclub.com/the-effortless-english-show-episode-9
  102. The Effortless English Show, Episode 82014/03/04

    Charlie from France is AJ's guest on the show. He tells AJ how he learned to speak English. Learn from the guests on the show and use their strategies in your own English learning.

    Watch the video here: http://effortlessenglishclub.com/the-effortless-english-show-episode-8
  103. The Effortless English Show, Episode 72014/02/16

    AJ discusses the success strategy of "modeling" and welcomes Effortless English member (and Spanish teacher) Oscar Pellus. http://effortlessenglishclub.com/the-effortless-english-show-episode-7
  104. The Effortless English Show, Episode 62014/02/12

    AJ talks about journal writing and answers your questions. http://effortlessenglishclub.com/the-effortless-english-show-episode-6
  105. The Effortless English Show, Episode 52014/02/03

    http://effortlessenglishclub.com/the-effortless-english-show-episode-5 In episode 5 of The Effortless English Show, AJ answers crew questions for over an hour. He also discusses some new ideas for courses and programs.
  106. The Effortless English Show, Episode 42014/01/19

    http://effortlessenglishclub.com/the-effortless-english-show-episode-4 AJ Hoge welcomes guest Baerbel from Germany. He also talks about a variety of topics related to Effortless English, Grizzly bears, being an exchange student, and much more.
  107. The Effortless English Show, Season 1, Episode 32014/01/12

    http://effortlessenglishclub.com/the-effortless-english-show-episode-3 The Effortless English Show With AJ Hoge, episode 3. AJ welcomes two special guests: VIP member Julia from Italy, and George Hoge from Business English Conversations.
  108. The Effortless English Show With AJ Hoge, Episode 22014/01/05

    http://effortlessenglishclub.com/the-effortless-english-show-with-aj-hoge-episode-2 The second episode of the first season of The Effortless English Show.
  109. The Effortless English Show With AJ Hoge, Episode 12013/12/29

    http://effortlessenglishclub.com/the-effortless-english-show-episode-1 After some audio problems, the first Effortless English Show begins! AJ discusses English learning, Effortless Englsih news, success stories, and answers fans questions.
  110. Babies Know Best2013/06/25

    http://effortlessenglishclub.com/babies-know-english-best Babies know how to learn English. They do it perfectly! We can learn a lot about speaking Engish perfectly from babies. In this audio I discuss how babies learn English and how you can copy some of their best methods.
  111. English Presentations Conversation2013/06/13
  112. Effortless Englsih Teleseminar June 20132013/06/10
  113. Business Action Certainty Meditation2013/04/02
  114. Public Speaking Meditation2013/04/02
  115. Business Freedom Meditation2013/04/02
  116. Barcelona May 18 Rally2013/03/21
  117. From Nervousness to Speaking Power2013/03/18
  118. English Feelings Not English Linguistics2013/03/15
  119. Business English Audio 12013/03/03
  120. It's My Life English Lesson2012/07/28
  121. English Coaches2012/06/23
  122. English Is a Sport2012/04/29
  123. The English Speaking Engine2012/04/09
  124. Strange Brains for English2012/03/30
  125. Teaching Pioneer James Asher2012/03/21
  126. Effortless English VIP Teleseminar March 9, 20122012/03/14
  127. Pronunciation, Culture and Identity2012/03/05
  128. Podcast Returns2012/03/04
  129. Rule 7 for Effortless English Speaking2011/08/19
  130. Rule 6 for Effortless English Speaking2011/08/19
  131. Rule 5 for Effortless English Speaking2011/08/19
  132. Rule 4 for Effortless English Speaking2011/08/19
  133. Rule 3 for Effortless English Speaking2011/08/19
  134. Rule 2 for Effortless English Speaking2011/08/19
  135. Rule 1 For Effortless English Speaking2011/08/19
  136. Revolution Leadership2011/03/06
  137. VIP Tele-Seminar Emotional Power2011/03/05
  138. The Villains2011/02/04
  139. Something Wrong in Japan2011/02/04
  140. Change The World2010/02/24
  141. Effortless English Podcast : VIPRegistration.m4v2009/10/25
  142. Effortless English Podcast : VIPLeadershipThinking.m4v2009/10/24
  143. Effortless English Podcast : VIPQA.m4v2009/10/24
  144. Effortless English Podcast : VIPCode.m4v2009/10/24
  145. The Code2009/10/24
  146. Tony & Frank 32009/10/14
  147. Tony & Frank 22009/09/23
  148. Short Presentation2009/09/15
  149. Tony2009/09/15
  150. Introduction To Effortless English2009/09/15
  151. Rule 1 Video2009/09/14
  152. More Ninja Teacher2009/08/21
  153. Power English Update- August 4th2009/07/27
  154. Crazy Guy!2009/07/22
  155. Role Models2009/07/15
  156. Daily Twitter English Listening2009/05/29
  157. Bay To Breakers2009/05/20
  158. AJ's Effortless English Club Update2009/05/15
  159. Sample: Hitch 1 Commentary2009/04/28
  160. Sample: Hitch 1 Main Audio2009/04/28
  161. Sample: Hitch 1 Point-of-View2009/04/28
  162. Sample: Hitch 1 Mini-Story2009/04/28
  163. Sample: Hitch 1 Vocab2009/04/28
  164. Learn English as a Celebration2009/04/13
  165. English Mastery Formula2009/04/10
  166. Effortless English Update2009/04/08
  167. New English Club2009/03/19
  168. Learn English Naturally2009/03/15
  169. Back Home2009/03/15
  170. The Best Investment2009/01/21
  171. Effortless English Breakthrough Seminar Jan252009/01/10
  172. New Year Resolution2008/12/25
  173. AJ Learns Thai2008/12/25
  174. In The Studio2008/12/02
  175. Milk 2008/11/30
  176. Subconscious vs. Conscious Learning2008/11/22
  177. New Effortless English Advertisement2008/11/22
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  185. New Business English2008/09/28
  186. Learn English Conversation2008/09/20
  187. Learn English Online Videocast2008/09/16
  188. Learn English Grammar2008/09/15
  189. Business vs Self-Employment2008/09/14
  190. Learn Business English Effortless Style2008/09/02
  191. You Need Emotion To Learn English2008/08/18
  192. Casual English Conversation2008/07/29
  193. Top 5 Learning Mistakes English Learners Make2008/07/21
  194. You're Not Stupid2008/07/17
  195. English Class2008/06/26
  196. MP3 English Lessons Are More Relaxing2008/06/25
  197. Transcribe Contest 12008/06/23
  198. New mp3 English Squidoo Lens2008/06/20
  199. The New English Speaking Forums Are Great!2008/06/20
  200. Learn English With MP3 Players2008/06/09
  201. Festival Season In SF2008/06/03
  202. Success Mini-Album Coming2008/05/17
  203. Google Checkout2008/05/07
  204. New Free Report- English Trauma2008/05/03
  205. Spiritual Authority 22008/04/18
  206. Spiritual Authority 12008/04/12
  207. Fun In Osaka2008/04/07
  208. Conversation With My Sister Pt. 22008/03/30
  209. Conversation With My Sister Pt.12008/03/17
  210. Chat About Vegetarianism2008/03/12
  211. Vegetarian Story2008/03/04
  212. Slang Podcast2008/02/19
  213. Advance English Academy2008/02/12
  214. Todd's Motorcycle Accident2008/02/09
  215. New Lessons at a Discount2008/01/29
  216. Conversation: AJ & Chris (Part 2)2008/01/26
  217. New Lessons Finished2008/01/23
  218. Conversation: AJ & Chris2008/01/19
  219. More Spontaneous English2008/01/19
  220. Update on the New Lessons2008/01/16
  221. Cool Stuff For 20082008/01/11
  222. Success Stories2008/01/10
  223. A Mobile Company2008/01/05
  224. Kick Ass With English!2008/01/03
  225. Happy New Year!2007/12/30
  226. American Accent Training- Review2007/12/18
  227. Goosebumps2007/12/13
  228. The Power of Narrow Reading and Listening2007/12/06
  229. Exciting Things2007/12/05
  230. Greek Family Lessons2007/12/05
  231. Passion Is Important2007/11/13
  232. Basic Flaws of Language Education2007/11/07
  233. A Typical Language School2007/11/07
  234. Disappointing First Day2007/11/07
  235. Sunday Xela2007/11/07
  236. Microsoft Censorship Lessons2007/11/06
  237. Day of the Dead2007/11/04
  238. Long Trip to Xela2007/11/04
  239. Effortless Japanese Update2007/10/31
  240. Sigmund2007/10/31
  241. Bad Choices Lessons2007/10/31
  242. Idioms2007/10/22
  243. A Kiss2007/10/21
  244. Listen & Answer2007/10/21
  245. Hiking and Camping2007/08/18
  246. Fluency vs Academic English2007/08/15
  247. You Are Not The Problem2007/06/25
  248. Perfection2007/06/09
  249. Have A Blast2007/05/16
  250. Angelina's Success2007/05/12
  251. Get A Grip!2007/05/04
  252. Whatcha Wanna Do?2007/05/01
  253. Player2007/04/26
  254. Learn With Your Ears2007/04/24
  255. Rip-off2007/04/23
  256. Shit!2007/04/20
  257. Bunk2007/04/13
  258. Learning Communities2007/04/07
  259. What's Up2007/04/03
  260. Connect With English2007/03/28
  261. I'm Down With English2007/03/26
  262. Point of View Mini-Stories2007/03/20
  263. Fundamentals22007/03/16
  264. Use Focal Skills2007/03/16
  265. The Keys To English Mastery2007/03/02
  266. Learn Like a Child2007/02/22
  267. TPR & Listen First2007/02/14
  268. No Belief2007/02/09
  269. Microsoft Censorship2007/02/02
  270. E-book Introduction2007/01/30
  271. Mind Maps2007/01/23
  272. Jack Kerouac2007/01/12
  273. E-Book2007/01/10
  274. New Year's Resolutions2007/01/07
  275. New Year's Resolutions EZ2007/01/05
  276. Cafe Puccini2006/12/28
  277. EZ Cafe Puccini2006/12/28
  278. No Pain, No Gain2006/12/27
  279. Mini-Story for Our Universal Journey2006/12/24
  280. Our Universal Journey2006/12/24
  281. Storytelling2006/12/17
  282. Storytelling Mini-Story Example2006/12/17
  283. Validation2006/12/16
  284. Lifestyle Diseases2006/12/09
  285. Disobedience2006/12/05
  286. Incurable Cancer2006/11/30
  287. Worthy Goals2006/11/25
  288. I Need Space!2006/11/22
  289. Why Grammar Is Bad2006/11/16
  290. Why Grammar Is Bad-Vocabulary2006/11/16
  291. Violence2006/11/14
  292. Violence-Vocab2006/11/14
  293. Inspiration2006/11/12
  294. Inspiration-Vocab2006/11/12
  295. Remaining Friends2006/11/08
  296. Remaining Friends-Vocab2006/11/08
  297. Walden 22006/11/05
  298. Walden 2- Vocabulary2006/11/05
  299. Alan Watts on Intelligence2006/10/31
  300. Alan Watts on Intelligence- Vocabulary2006/10/31
  301. Walden 12006/10/26
  302. How To Pay2006/10/25
  303. Nathaniel In Japan- Correction2006/10/23
  304. The Effortless English Vision2006/10/23
  305. Meditation For Language Learning2006/10/20
  306. Trick or Treat2006/10/20
  307. What Is Halloween?2006/10/15
  308. Relationships and Flooding2006/10/12
  309. Change Your Goal2006/10/09
  310. Mom and AJ Discuss Sigmund2006/10/07
  311. The Math of English Learning2006/09/30
  312. The Dance of Learning2006/09/25
  313. Pronunciation: AJ and Steve2006/09/25
  314. AJ and Steve- Confidence (C)2006/09/22
  315. Idioms and Slang (C)2006/09/19
  316. Remember Where You Were (A)2006/09/18
  317. Homeless In Athens, Part 1B (A)2006/09/18
  318. Homeless In Athens, Part 1A (A)2006/09/17
  319. Lessons From Video Games2006/09/14
  320. 11 Cats, 4 Dogs, and a Baby2006/09/13
  321. Relax!2006/09/12
  322. Wat Struggles With Pronunciation2006/09/09
  323. Conversation About Sigmund 12006/09/08
  324. Identity2006/09/07
  325. Three Jobs2006/09/06
  326. Sample Learning Guide2006/09/03
  327. Podcasting2006/09/03
  328. Community2006/09/03
Effortless English Podcast | Learn English with AJ Hoge
The Effortless English Show with AJ Hoge teaches you to speak English powerfully. AJ is the author of "Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native" and is known as "The World's #1 English Teacher".

Learn English. Learn English vocabulary. Learn about American culture.
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